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Moms deserve better… period.


You are going through many changes during this time that may be scary or hard to navigate on your own. Believe it or not, during most pregnancies, moderate intensity exercise is completely safe and you should feel empowered to do so to improve several aspects of your (and baby's) health, prepare for a smoother delivery, and minimize postpartum complications.


During pregnancy, your body undergoes several biomechanical changes due to altered center of gravity, musculoskeletal and pressure compensations, and hormone changes that affect tissue integrity. Dr. Victoria wants to combine her obstetrics physical therapy knowledge and doula training to help you optimize your exercise and activities of daily living before and when baby arrives. These sessions are based on your individual needs and can include exercise guidance and safe positioning throughout the trimesters (including the fourth), education on how to heal your body safely and appropriately after birth, busting myths about scars, pain, and incontinence, providing tips to comfortably return to intercourse with your partner postpartum, and so much more.



Manual therapy techniques​ to reduce soft tissue tension, aches, and pain

Exercise programming through the first to "fourth" trimesters

Postural strengthening and reeducation

Activity modification curated to your space

Safe positioning and body mechanics

Breathing and core relationship training

Body preparation for labor and delivery


Postpartum healing education

Scar care

Pelvic floor and core strengthening progression

Body management and mechanics while caring for your baby​​

Guided return to the activities and exercises that you love!

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