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The body is a puzzle.

Have multiple areas of pain with movement and daily activities? Chances are that there may be compensations and these issues are connected. Let's take a look at the entire system and piece it together!

Functional Orthopedics & Wellness

Are you experiencing, pain, discomfort, decreased mobility or weakness that is affecting your daily routine?

It may be time for a physical therapy evaluation, which


  • Postural assessment

  • Functional movement screens


and testing of:

  • Range of motion/flexibility

  • Isolated strength

  • Nerve tension tests

  • Joint mobility 

  • Soft tissues

No pain or problems but want to reduce injury and prevent issues or surgery? Wellness services are also an option!

Pelvic Wellness Screens 

Education about integral pelvic anatomy, breathing and pelvic floor relationships, pelvic health tools to reduce tension, bowel and bladder habits, and more

Physical screening of:

  • Posture

  • Diastasis Recti

  • Breath with movement 

  • Hip and core strength and stability

  • Pelvic floor length and strength


Along with answering any questions you have about your pelvic health!

Orthopedic Wellness Screens


With the help of a skilled physical therapist, simple faulty movements in your routine or exercise regimen can be identified and rectified in hopes of preventing injury or surgery. Dr. Victoria's functional orthopedic services include analysis of:

  • Gait/running

  • Lifting biomechanics

  • Functional, every day movement 

  • Isolated muscle strength 

These tests are to identify areas of weakness that are causing issues like pain, tension, stiffness, incontinence, or could cause various physical issues down the line. 

Your orthopedic treatment sessions will include hands on techniques and specific exercises curated to improve your deficits based on the evaluation of movements you are struggling with. The goal is to optimize the way you move your body with conservative vs invasive measures.


If you live in the greater Philadelphia area and are interested in leveling up your functional lifts and pushing the limits of your exercise routine, our staff can coordinate a plan in-house with the incredibly knowledgeable, motivating, and professional personal trainers at Fire For Effect Athletics. FFE members get a 20% discount on all of Restore Physical Therapy and Pelvic Health's services!

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